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What is the difference between hard water and distilled water?

“Hard water” is a term used in mineral water. Usually these are calcium, magnesium and even barium that can easily precipitate. Distilled water does not contain such minerals, so it is called soft distilled water. In soft water, typically, mineral solvents are eliminated, because these are the main elements of water that make water “hard”. Distilled water is the only water removed with all the elements (including ca and mg), so in some way it can be said to be considered as soft water.

All laboratory water is originally supplied from a source of drinking water, but this water can contain a lot of soluble or suspended materials that can affect and distort scientific information.

These pollutants have a negative impact on a large number of scientific programs. Drinking and natural water contains impurities.

Water should be distilled to remove all soluble solids

How to make distilled water?

There are several ways to produce distilled water:

Boil and distill

Water passing through resin

Filtration by reverse osmosis filters and nano-filters

Of course, the above methods can be used together or separately.

Water Softening Methods:

Sedimentation process

Using chemical agents, the water hardness is subjected to shimmatic reactions and sedimentation decreases as a result of water hardness.

Remove temporary hardness

The use of lime water is a common method for reducing the temporary water hardness. Lime water (calcium hydroxide) reacts with calcium bicarbonate and magnesium bicarbonate and produces calcium carbonate and magnesium hydroxide deposits.

Remove permanent hardness

To reduce the non-carbonate hardness of water, lime / profit is used. In temporary hardening, by adding a alkaline material such as lime or gum, the bicarbonate in the environment turns into carbonate, and the carbonate produced results in the deposition of calcium and the reduction of calcium hardness.

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