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Company introduction

Morvarid Pars Company Since 2008, he started his activities in the field of water supply and since 2011 he has been producing distilled water and drinking water

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Products and Services

Demin water is referred to as water for injections, or WFI, which is used to produce pharmaceutical products

Dionysite distilled water

Deionized water or unidentified water is referred to as a water source, all of which is soluble and its TDS is zero.

Soft water is said to be called blue, which is a mineral solution, and the TDS approaches zero.

Morvarid Pars company is proud to have the largest distilled water and demineralized water supply network (more than 300 thousand liters daily) in the country.

Pearl Morvarid company is ready to receive and send orders from all over the country . The volumes of tanks shipped from 2,000 liters to 30,000 liters of tankers vary

Pars Morvarid Dastgerd company, by sending a free sample to the whole country, allows customers to test the quality of soft, dime and deionized water.


Morvarid Pars Company Manufacturer and supplier of dime and distilled water It has the largest network of Carrying water in the country with standard conditions Production and of 300,000 liters of distilled water, milk and drink throughout the country daily